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Good Friends!

on October 5, 2012

We are definitely missing some of our good friends and neighbors from Iowa.  Yes, we are making new friends here in South Carolina, but there is just nothing like those good friends that knew so much about you already.  We were fortunate that one of our old neighbors came through South Carolina on their way home from a wedding in North Carolina last weekend.  The Driscoll family was expecting a second baby and she was about a month away from arriving when we moved.  We, of course, have seen pictures of her, but there is nothing like being able to snuggle with a baby.

We met the Driscoll’s in Florence, SC, so they wouldn’t have to get off the main roads toward going home.  We had a great lunch at this wonderful pizza place called Mellow Mushroom.  (It’s a pizza chain only in the south and it’s fabulous!)  We spent almost 2 hours visiting, catching up and being able to snuggle baby Madelyn!  We also had fun playing with their older daughter Neala.

Here is Miss Madelyn – 2 months old!

Palmer giving Madelyn some love

Thank-you again to the Driscoll family for taking time out of their long drive to stop and visit for a couple hours!




One response to “Good Friends!

  1. Marilyn Martin says:

    Jodi, I am glad that your son is adjusting to new school, new friends, etc. Have you found a church—the young women in Abigale circle at church have become so close—great way to make friends. I feel close to this circle as I babysit for them.

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