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It’s Been a Long Time!

on October 3, 2012

I feel so bad because I haven’t updated this blog in such a long time.  There have been so many things going on that I should have been blogging all along, but I’m also using that excuse as to why I haven’t been updating this blog.  I finally decided that it is time to get back at this blog.  Instead of trying to figure out where to go back to, I decided to just start with the most recent and then I can work backward.

Today a friend’s blog had a list of random thoughts, so I am stealing her idea and using it in my blog today too!  Thanks Traci!  So here are some of my random thoughts and then I will keep updating and working my way back …

** Making new friends – I was worried about Palmer starting a new school when we moved and making new friends.  He has adjusted fine and has made new friends without any problems.  In fact I have caught a couple little girls kind of giving him that “dreamy” look.  I think Paul and I might be in a bit of trouble!  I, on the other hand, seem to be having a little bit of a harder time making new friends.  This town might have a lot of military people who move quite a bit, but it is a “small town”.  Most of the people I meet have either lived here all their lives, or lived here, and have moved back so their friend base is here.  I am just trying to find my way and I know the friendships will come, but I am missing my good friends back in Iowa.

** Repairmen – Having bought a 30+ year old home, we knew we would have things we would need to do to update the home.  We also were lucky and the former owners provided a home warranty with the house.  That warranty has come in handy the 3 times the upstairs A/C has stopped working.  Now the garage door opener on my side of the garage has stopped working.  I called home warranty, who usually provides us with the name of the company they are sending out to do the work.  When I called today about the garage door opener, they told me we were on our own and could use whomever we wanted to get it fixed.  (There are stipulations of course!)  Excuse me, we just moved in July, how are we to know who to call.  So I called Sears, being that the opener is a Craftsman.  Sears was able to help and they are sending someone out next Tues, 6 days from now, between 8a and 5p.  Gee, could you narrow that time down a bit?  When I asked if I could get a closer time frame, Sears said I could call on Tues morning around 7:30a and they could “possibly” give me a closer time.  Glad our garage door is lightweight, so I can continue to use it manually.

** Jeopardy – Since moving to South Carolina, we are getting used to our favorite television shows being on East Coast time.  They are on an hour later than we were used to watching.  So, we have come to rely on our DVR so we don’t have to stay up so late each night, but we have also come to watching some other shows that we didn’t usually watch.  One of these shows is Jeopardy.  Palmer has come to love this game show.  In fact he even persuaded me to buy the app for our ipad.  It is so funny to listen to him play and try to come up with some of the answers.  Between the 3 of us, we usually get about 1/3 of the answers on any given night.  We feel pretty good about that!

** Fall Temperatures – Paul and I have come to laugh a few times at the local weather people around here.  One night we were watching the news and the weatherman said that “fall-like temperatures were coming”.  Paul and I perked up to see what the temps were going to be.  I think he and I both had the same thoughts, finally we can turn off the air conditioning.  Well the “fall-like” temps they were talking about were the upper 70’s to low 80’s.  They did say some of the humidity would be residing.  Well for the month of September and so far in October we have had the air off for a total of 3 days/4 nights.  We will be curious to see what the weather people call “winter”!

That is all for today!  I will make a promise that I will get this blog updated and try to do it at least every other day until I am somewhat “caught up”.  Thanks for forgiving me!



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