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3rd Grade is Over

on June 3, 2012

Why is it so hard to say “good-bye”?  That is what we had to do on the last day of 3rd grade.  With our move happening at the end of June, when the last day of school came around it was harder than most.  We made sure to say good-bye to each of Palmer’s former teachers along with many others in the school.  As we were standing in the hall saying our good-bye’s, so many parents, staff and teachers came by to get their “final” hugs from Palmer.  As we got ready to leave the school for the “last” time, Palmer turned and stood in the door of his classroom and just started crying.  It totally broke my heart because I know the feeling and unfortunately it doesn’t get any easier.  We have been so fortunate to go to Coralville Central and enjoy 4 years there with that family.  We are going to greatly miss everyone!!!

Palmer’s 1st day of 3rd grade.

Palmer’s last day of 3rd grade

This was Palmer’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Baumgarth. She will always have a super special place in our heart!

Palmer’s 3rd Grade class

Palmer and Ms. Williams, his 3rd grade teacher

Palmer and Mr. Figg, the teaching assistant in his classroom

We are officially saying our final good-bye’s to Coralville Central … we hold lots and lots of memories in pictures, in our minds and especially in our hearts!!!



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