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on April 30, 2012

Since we are moving and heading out of the Midwest, I have been trying to do some things with Palmer as our “last” times we might do them for quite some time.  Last Friday Palmer had the day off school, so he and I headed over to spend the weekend in Chicago.  We stayed in Schaumburg and my parents came up and joined us.

We arrived Friday morning around 11, and my parents arrived about 1/2 hour later.  We spent the rest of the afternoon eating and shopping.  We had Maggiano’s for lunch, which is super yummy Italian.  We shopped at our favorite stores – IKEA, Container Store, HomeGoods, Lego Store, Marbles Store, Nordstrom’s (just the shoe department), Disney Store.  We finished the day with dinner at P.F. Chang’s.  The lettuce wraps were wonderful!

Saturday we got up and headed to the nearest train station.  We headed into downtown Chicago on the Metra.  It was wonderful just riding the train and not having to worry about traffic and parking.  Our train station put us 1 1/2 blocks from the Willis Tower (used to be Sear’s Tower).  We decided that the clouds were up high enough that we could still see great views from the top.  Up to the top we went.  The views were great and Palmer loved being up there!  He was amazed at how far you could see.  Our favorite part was the new “ledges” that they built on the west side of the building.  These are all glass boxes that hang out the side of the building.  You can see all the way to the street from up on the 103rd floor.  Some people would be a little freaked out by this, but Palmer and I could have spent hours out there looking at everything.  Here is the proof that we were really there!

As you can see from the pictures Palmer and I were sitting on the “ledge” and then laying on the “ledge”.  If you look really close, you can see the ground under us.  The last picture I took while standing in one “ledge” and Palmer was standing in the “ledge” across from me.  You can even see grandma in the background making bunny ears!

From the Willis Tower, we decided we needed lunch at Giordano’s Pizza, and yes we had Chicago Style Pizza.  After lunch we headed to the subway and went north to shop on Michigan Avenue.  We hit Water Tower Place – the American Girl Store and Lego Store.  That was where Palmer spent some of his saved money on some new Lego sets.  Then to the shops at 900 Michigan Avenue.  What a great place to shop with more wonderful stores, including a fabulous William Sonoma shop.  Finally back to to the subway, then to the train station and back to Schaumburg.  We decided on The Weber Grill for dinner.  What a great way to end the day!

Sunday brought some swimming before it was time to get in the car and head home!  Palmer and I made one more stop at Whole Foods to buy some good snacks and then we got on the road.  It was a great “last” trip to Chicago.  I know we will visit Chicago again one day, but until then, we enjoyed our weekend!



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