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So Many Things Going On …

on March 26, 2012

Okay, maybe that is just an excuse as to why I haven’t been on this blog for over a month.  It really is true.  Since I last wrote about our new adventure we have had so much going on.  First, the house is on the market and we have had a number of open houses.  At the open houses, we have had about 15 groups of people coming through.  Unfortunately, no one has made an offer yet.  We have also had 6 private showings of the house, but again, no one has made us an offer.

Palmer and I took a trip to visit Paul and look at houses in Sumter, SC.  Palmer had a 4 day weekend from school, so away we flew to South Carolina.  It was a quick 4 days, but we did a lot.  On that Saturday we looked at 11 houses in about 3 1/2 hours.  Some of them were easy to say we didn’t want them.  We narrowed the 11 houses down to 6, then those 6 down to 3.  Then we spent the rest of the time checking out all kinds of things in the area.

Then we took our spring break trip to Florida.  Paul was able to join us and drove down from South Carolina.  We spent 10 days with my parents.  We had a great time and spent much time on the beach and at the pool.  Palmer even got to go on a Segway tour with my dad.  They saw some places in Ft. Myers and Ft. Myers Beach and spent about 3 hours riding around on the Segways.  He loved every minute of the tour.  It was a great trip and fun time.  When we got back to Iowa we arrived to 70 and 80 degree weather.  Not a bad way to get back from Florida.

Since we got back to Iowa, and Paul back to South Carolina, things have gotten back to “normal”.  We put an offer on a house in South Carolina and the sellers accepted our offer.  Now, we just need to get the house in Iowa sold.  I am hoping that will happen very soon.  The weather has been great for Iowa and we have been spending as much time outside as we can.

So, our life goes on, the house sits for sale, our family is living in 2 states and we are learning a new “normal”.  I can’t wait until we can be together again as one family.  Send good thoughts our way along with buyers!!



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